Original owner bought policy then died it stated it only pays when his wife dies. His wife is not the beneficiary. She is mad and is going to give this policy away to favorite sibling. Is this legal?

Answer Her dad Tony Curtis had 6 children. Jamie has one full sister and 4 half. One of her half brothers died.

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Hi peeps, going to buy my wife a new vacum cleaner,can anyone recomend one?

Any in the Dyson range,they are the best.

If someone is going through a divorce can the wife be kept on her exs medical insurance?

Answer Yes, until the divorce is final. After that, if she's healthy she can get a PRIVATE policy. In CA click here for pricing, benefits and online applications If not, and it's an Employer Pla... Read More »

I am going to inform my wife that I no longer love her. What should I wear?

what the freaking heck you selfish arrogant bastard. go crawl in a hole and die. you are telling the woman you promised to love forever that you dont love her and you want to know what to wear? cra... Read More »

How many times is my wife going to walk by that huge pile of laundry?

Maybe after a few days of "not being able to see" said pile of laundry, she'll take her chores more seriously, IF you know what I mean.