Me and my friend are going to Chicago next week. Where to visit for food?

Answer Gene and Jude's hot dogs. When going to Chicago do not be put off by the front of a building. Go in and eat! Dives and hole-in-the-walls in Chicago are the way to go!

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My friend is in the next room, watching Star Trek Voyager in the next room, really loud, while I pretend to...?

I like Voyager I like TNG a lot it was good at the time , to each their own

I am so sick of my friend and her stupid vegetarian diet. What's next?

I am vegan and I do agree with you that she should not be reminding you all the time of what you are know. When she calms down and hopefully she will speak to you, you could say some... Read More »

I am going to get the IUD up in next Wednesday but i am scared?

NO, I know 3 people to have gotten preg on it... and they had healthy babies! It is rare to get preg on it- but it's weird that I know THREE people who did!You have a higher chance of having an ect... Read More »

How to Ask a Boy if He is Going to Ask Your Friend Out?

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