Who is getting drunk tonight?

Answer I possibly will be. I like Friday nights on here, answering questions, nice and quiet , on my own. Just had a pint bottle of I.P.A. A few pint cans of Fosters to kill. The problem is though, the mo... Read More »

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Is there any point in getting drunk Be Serious! I'm 21 + have never been drunk. Am I missing out on anything?

I drink now, but used to be teetotal, and here's what I think:You can have a few drinks, and enjoy sensibly without having to get drunk. Alcohol can be a supremely enjoyable social lubricant, so I... Read More »

Should I get drunk tonight?

I 've had a horrible day,should I get drunk tonight?

Yes-I think you should open that bottle of great red wine-sip on it and while taking in its great flavor, take in your horrible day--reflect on what went wrong and see what you can laugh about to h... Read More »

My friend got really drunk tonight and is throwing up!?

She really didn't have enough to get alcohol poisoning, let her get it out of her system she should be fine, keep an eye on her. If she starts getting bad though get her to the hospital