What high school did former KC Royal George Brett graduate from?

Answer According to "Sports Illustrated" Vault, George Brett graduated from El Segundo High School in El Segundo, California. Several other major league baseball players graduated from the school, includ... Read More »

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What is the name of the sitcom that George Carlin was on Fox Network in 1993 in which he played a cab driver named George?

It was called "The George Carlin Show", premiered on January 16th, 1994, made 24 episodes over two seasons. Carlin played New York cab driver George O'Grady.

On George Lopez what is george's favorite song?

Is George Lopez Dyslexic in real life or just in the tv show George Lopez?

it is said that he is in reallife and he put it in the show as well

What is the origin of the name Brett?

The boy's name Brett is of Latin origin. It was originally used as a surname in medieval times, in reference to a person from Britain or from Brittany, France. Brett is also sometimes used as a gir... Read More »