XF - Joe for the winner after tonights performances Anyone agree?

Answer Joe was amazing tonight, and if he's not in the final then there is something wrong with the voting public. I'd also like to see Stacey and Ollie in the final, and I think Lloyd will go tomorrow, a... Read More »

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I A C which big character is going to get booted off tonights show?

Bex... good question.. you know its probably gonna happen... I didn't watch last night.... was too busy wondering what Kimmy was up to I can't belive that MAD John was booted out... aft... Read More »

What is tax-favored debt?

Tax-favored debt refers to money you have borrowed that receives tax breaks. These tax breaks can make the debt less expensive than other types of debt.TypesThe Internal Revenue Service allows tax ... Read More »

Is my tonights meal healthy and good for weightloss?

Yes that is very healthy. I went on a diet and found this website very useful luck with your diet! :)

Why do sons get favored over daughters?

Traditionally men carried on the family's name so men were desperate to have boys also to take over the air to the throne ...henry the eighth once killed one of his wifes for not producing a son ..... Read More »