What is tax-favored debt?

Answer Tax-favored debt refers to money you have borrowed that receives tax breaks. These tax breaks can make the debt less expensive than other types of debt.TypesThe Internal Revenue Service allows tax ... Read More »

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Why do sons get favored over daughters?

Traditionally men carried on the family's name so men were desperate to have boys also to take over the air to the throne ...henry the eighth once killed one of his wifes for not producing a son ..... Read More »

Following World War 1 the US foreign policy favored?

i dont know maybe collective security in my opinion.

Who is favored to win American idol 2011?

Either Scotty, or Lauren. ( I personaly want either one to win. Scotty= Hottie, and Lauren= well, a good singer!

In 1994 What was the favored personal weapon of CIA agents?

Certainly, but it's no more likely than any other job. Most CIA employees drive desks and crunch data.