Which is the true four leaf clover Trifolium repens Linn or Medicago sativa Linn?

Answer Trifolium repens

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Who was Rex Linn in CSI Miami?

Rex Linn was playing as Frank Tripp in CSI Miami.

Hasn't Rex Linn's role decreased on csi Miami?

Victory has thousand fathers Defeat has XXXX Transcript of McCain on The Tonight Show Jay Leno say Jack Kennedy didnt use the word orphan. so what word was used by Jack Kennedy instead of orphan?

To paraphrase JFK himself, success has a thousand fathers; failure is an orphan - or did he say "bastard"? See the LINK below.

Who was Jamie Kennedy's wife on Jamie Kennedy Experiment when he plays a blind man with a cheating wife?

Answer Joanna Portman, judging by the IMDB Photo. Answer Joannah Portman