Who is eligible to use a commissary?

Answer All military personal, including active-duty, retired, and reserve members in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and National Guard, are eligible to shop at commissaries. Families, disabled ve... Read More »

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Is the unmarried mother of children of US servicemen eligible for commissary and health insurance benefits ?

Again, if they are proven to be his children, they are eligible for all rights and benefits married, divorced or whatever in between. She is not eligible. If it is an international "incident", I u... Read More »

Can commissary employees shop at the commissary?

Commissary employees are only eligible to shop at a commissary if they are a military spouse, retired military person or a veteran. Employees who are civilians are not eligible. Others who are elig... Read More »

If you are eligible for concession in Perth, are you eligible for concession in Melbourne (Public Transport)?

NO the system won't be able to recognize the Perth institution. only if your are under 16 can your travel on a child ticket without needing proof of concession ID.You also need to reside in Victori... Read More »

What is commissary?

Commissaries are tax-free grocery stores for military personnel and their families. There are 284 commissaries at U.S. military installations worldwide that function much like regular civilian supe... Read More »