Who is eligible for social security retirement benefits?

Answer Employers take a cut of your paychecks for social security. The government issues social security checks to the retired, disabled or family of those individuals who have applied for social security... Read More »

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How to Become Eligible for Social Security Benefits?

American workers look forward to retirement and most have paid Social Security taxes for several years, anticipating that this fund will help them retire with a monthly income. Some expect the Soci... Read More »

Are both retirement benefits and Social Security Disability insurance benefits taxable?

SS retirement benefits ARE taxable - SS disability benefits MAY be taxable depending upon circumstances. See the Related Link below.

Do state retirement benefits affect Social Security disability benefits?

Receipt of state retirement benefits based on earnings for which you did not pay Social Security taxes will reduce the amount of your Social Security disability benefit. You also will encounter red... Read More »

Are social security benefits considered private retirement benefits?

Social Security benefits are not considered private retirement benefits. Although both can provide a monthly monetary benefit, unlike private benefits, Social Security benefits cannot be transferre... Read More »