Who is eligible for disability insurance?

Answer To be eligible for disability insurance from Social Security, you must have a medical disability or conditions lasting for at least a year or you are no longer able to perform your job. You must al... Read More »

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What if you have disability insurance and become disabled can they take your car your credit and still ask for money when the disability insurance was purchased to cover that type of event in life?

It is your responsibility to see that the DI pays you and YOU pay the payments on time. rem your agreement with the lender stated that YOU would make the payments on a certain date. HOW you get tha... Read More »

Who is eligible for disability?

people with permanent physical and/or brain injuries The disability must be permanent and total.

Who is eligible to collect disability?

Travel insurance is purchased as a supplement to existing insurance and covers whatever may happen on your trip. This includes delays, emergency medical care (that most likely isn't covered by your... Read More »

Does having a pacemaker make you eligible for disability?

A doctor (preferrably the on who did the pacemaker surgury) is the only person that can make a determination that you are partially, or temporarily, or permanently disabled.