Who is eligible for Medicaid and when?

Answer Medicaid is available for U.S. citizens who are in low-income households, have no (or inadequate) medical insurance and are pregnant, have at least one disabled child or who care for at least one c... Read More »

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Who is eligible for florida medicaid?

According to Medicaid Information Resource, people qualify for Florida Medicaid based on financial need. People need to make less than $2,022 gross per month and have less than $2,000 in assets. Ho... Read More »

Who is eligible for medicaid in indiana?

Medicaid in Indiana is division if the Indiana Health Coverage Programs(IHIPS). According to the State of Indiana website, the program aims to enhance the wellbeing of low income and disabled resid... Read More »

How to Be Eligible for Medicaid in Indiana?

Medicaid is a government program that offers medical insurance to those who cannot otherwise afford to pay for health insurance. In Indiana, the eligibility requirements are strict and differ for e... Read More »

At what age is a person eligible for medicare&medicaid?

Permanent United States citizens are eligible for Medicare or Medicaid at the age of 65. Under certain conditions, they may receive benefits before age 65 if eligible for Social Security disability... Read More »