Is ebony navy?

Answer No it is Ivory!

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Tips for Ebony Makeup?

Ebony is a deep brown color, similar to the hue of mahogany wood or rich soil. Like all other women, those with an ebony skin tone must choose makeup that complements the complexion. Makeup is expr... Read More »

How to Tell an Ebony Violin?

Ebony is a dense wood with slight variations in color. Most ebony is black with lighter streaks, but it can also have a dark chocolate brown color. It is very heavy, and for this reason is used for... Read More »

Ebony Tree Facts?

Ebony is a dark brown to jet black wood that is prized for its color, hardness and density. The wood is prized for making piano keys as well as oboes, clarinets and even bagpipes. Ebony trees (Dios... Read More »

How to Dress for Ebony Skin Tone?

From magazine covers to celebrity news, almost everyone is trying to avoid the dreaded fashion faux pas. Even if you're not worried about the paparazzi, it's still a must to know what colors bring ... Read More »