Film Directing Schools?

Answer According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for film directors as of May, 2008 was $64,430 per year. Individuals seeking a career as a film director benefit from attending ... Read More »

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A fourth Terminator film without Arnold Schwarzenegger simply would not be the same. Agree?

He has to comeback! I heard he will actually make a cameo in the next one, thank god. If they would put someone else in it I think it would be a flop. I have loved all three of them and it just ... Read More »

Why terminator 1 has got 100% reviews and terminator 2 has got little bit less than it?

Some people believe that sequels can never be better than the original movie. Some people also don't follow up on sequels and trilogies, they believe it ruins the original.

What is photo art directing?

Although photo art directing might involve preparation of visual materials for a magazine or newspaper layout, the activity is more likely to involve supervision of a fashion shoot for a TV ad or a... Read More »

How to Get a Degree in Directing in Less Than Two Years?

The traditional four-year bachelor's degree program poses problems for students who are not be able to afford four years of classes or who have a pressing need to enter the workforce early. But wit... Read More »