Who is controlling your computer remotely with a blackberry?

Answer no one

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Is someone controlling my computer?

My screen would start to wiggle once in awhile. I eventually noticed that it would only do it when my cell phone was to close to the monitor. I guess we should turn off our phones on planes.

Why your dish network remote is not controlling your television on and off or volume but is controlling the satellite?

It has probably not been programmed for the particular make and model of TV. Consult the directions.

What are grandmother's rights in Mass I am dealing with a very controlling ex-son-in-law. He thinks at this point in time he is controlling the judicial system.?

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How do I connect to my computer remotely?

Sign up for a remote computer service such as or These services allow you to remotely connect to any computer very simply from any computer that has Internet access. After... Read More »