Who is considered the world's fastest typist?

Answer The fastest typist in the world is Michael Shestov, according to CNN and the Guinness Book of World Records. He has typed 795 numbers in five minutes on a PC--numbers being used because they are mo... Read More »

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What joke did David Letterman play on the world's fastest typist Barbera Blackburn?

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Who is the worlds fastest 3G network?

What is the worlds fastest printer?

Brother are trying this printer codenamed COBRA which can print 170 pages a minute which is fast. The printer uses separate print heads for each color.

What was the worlds fastest steam train?

Isn't it interesting to see that although 4468 "Mallard" did the record-breaking trip in 1938, what's the normal speed for a so-called "High Speed Train" in Great Britain almost seventy years later... Read More »