How to Be the Hottest Girl at School?

Answer Are you tired of the so called hottest girl at school getting all the attention? Well, this article is for you. You'll get the attention for once.

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What is the hottest temperature in the world?

The hottest temperature ever recorded was in El Azizia, Libya, on September 13, 1922. On that day, the temperature reached a whopping 136 degrees Fahrenheit or 58 degrees Celsius. Libya is a countr... Read More »

Who do you think was the hottest, sexiest movie actress in the world?

Natalie Wood was ,when she was alive.

Why is pink considered a girl's color?

Answerpink is considered a girls colour because pink is a bright colour and girls are always bright.infant deaths used to be very high, it was belived that blue was a lucky colour so boys were wrap... Read More »

Who is considered the world's fastest typist?

The fastest typist in the world is Michael Shestov, according to CNN and the Guinness Book of World Records. He has typed 795 numbers in five minutes on a PC--numbers being used because they are mo... Read More »