How to Make a Kringle?

Answer Rich and buttery, kringles encase a sweet filling in a flaky crust. According to "What's Cooking America," kringles, when made in their native Denmark, must have a pretzel shape or they cannot be c... Read More »

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Who is kris kringle?

Kris Kringle is another name for Santa Claus. In the classic film "Miracle on 34th Street," Kris Kringle is the name of a character who is hired as a department store Santa and claims to be the rea... Read More »

When did Kris Kringle die?

Kris Kringle, also known as Santa Clause or Father Christmas, has his roots in early Christian history. The real Kris Kringle was a Catholic bishop named St. Nicholas who lived in the third century... Read More »

Where did the name Kris Kringle originate from?

The name Kris Kringle came from the term Christ Kindl, which originated in Germany in the 1800s. It means Christ child. Kris Kringle is also another name for Santa Claus.References:Santa's Warehous... Read More »

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