Who is called the father of the supercomputer?

Answer Seymour Cray is known as the father of the supercomputer. Cray, who died in 1996, lead the team of individuals who built the first transistor-based computer. This device was originally used for mil... Read More »

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Was john carpenter the contestant on who wants to be a millionaire that called his father as a phone a friend and said dad just called to let you know i won a million dollars?

Who is called the father of psychology?

Wilhelm Wundt and William James are usually considered the fathers of modern psychology, according to Shippensburg University. Both of these men began their study of psychology around 1875, with Wu... Read More »

Who is often called the father of the Internet?

American computer scientist Vinton G. Cerf is often called the "Father of the Internet." He is not fond of the title and is quick to point out that there are many others who deserve credit as well.... Read More »

Who is often called the father of medicine?

Hippocrates, the ancient Greek, is often referred to as the father of medicine. Hippocrates was the first to point out that diseases came from natural causes, and was the first to record signs and ... Read More »