Is actor Brad Pitt still married and if so who to?

Answer Celebrity relationships do seem to fall apart very quickly but not the relationship he has with actress named Angelina Jolie. After Brad Pitt's marriage with Jennifer Aniston he moved on to dating ... Read More »

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How to Appreciate Brad Pitt?

William Bradley Pitt, born in 1963, is nowadays one of the most famous and most highly-paid Hollywood Stars. His charity work over the years has proven him to be a man worthy of our admiration and ... Read More »

Who is sexier, tom cruise or brad pitt?

Hey . . . I think I'm your 50th answer!And, in answer to your question, to quote Ben Affleck when he was asked who he'd do if he had to choose a guy, "You can't go wrong with Pitt."

Who is sexyer Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt?

Who is $$exier, Vin Diesel or Brad Pitt?

Well Vin Deisel is shorter than a Mexican...