Who is better navy seal or marine force recon marine?

Answer the navel seals are the most "elite" task force in the US. no one compares to the training that the seals do. the Marine force recon have intense training, but the fact is that the seals endure muc... Read More »

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How can you get in Marine force recon?

In real life, volunteer and see if you can qualify for MOS 0326.(For the video game, see the related link.)---If you are not enlisted yet, and you are signing up for enlistment (reserve cannot take... Read More »

Who is better marine recon or navy seals?

First off, the two are very different. SEALs (SEa Air Land) are commandos and the product of the old UDTs with some help from President Kennedy. They are tough and can do anything anywhere. They a... Read More »

What can you do to train for marine force recon?

Preparation for 0321 Marine Force Recon You need to prepare yourself physically, and most importantly, mentally. It doesn't matter how physically fit you are, instructors can break you and continue... Read More »

Differences between navy seals and marine recon?

The primary difference is that Marine Force Recon units are generally used only for advance recon well behind enemy lines, in advance of larger force invasions/operations. Their normal activities t... Read More »