Who's better Chuck Norris or Jackie Chan?

Answer JACKIE CHAN FOR PRESIDENThe doesn't need a stunt double

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Who would be a better body guard, Chuck Norris or Jack Bauer And why.?

Ummmmm JACK BAUER!!!!! Of course!!!! He has saved the world so many times on 24. I would trust him with my life. Plus...he's pretty sexy.

How did Chuck Norris grow up?

Chuck Norris, today a household name, began his rise to fame after having served in the United States Air Force. Before his military career, Chuck Norris had neither discovered martial arts nor sho... Read More »

Is Chuck Norris bald?

Chuck Norris is not bald, but his hairline has receded and his hair is thinner than when he starred in "Walker, Texas Ranger." It is likely he dyes his hair, as he is 70 years old as of 2010 and sh... Read More »

Is Chuck Norris an evangelist?

Action star Chuck Norris regularly speaks about his Christian faith. Norris often appears on Christian TV channels and with evangelical leaders such as T.D. Jakes. His official website features num... Read More »