Who is bandu khan and what for he famouse?

Answer bandu khan is famouse for his cooking in karachi. he is dead but his restaurant is running successfuly on karachi and also in usa

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Who's the better actor - Shahrukh Khan or Aamir Khan?

You know what,Sree might have learnt the act of acting from Gangu Bhai......I think he's the biggest drama'm not much into movies,but i'll say Aamir Khan's the better of the two..... Read More »

What is switzerland famouse for?

Why is barney ford famouse?

At 2010 (two thousand ten) at October You should ask me how do you know? Actually the one who is making the movie is my fathers friend.

If a complete stranger walk in your house but you knew he or she was famouse what would you do?

i'd still call the cops. who they think they are!