Who is at the top of the ocean's food web?

Answer Humans are at the top of the ocean's food web. If you're focusing just on marine inhabitants, the top of the ocean's food web is made up of marine mammals, like whales and dolphins, and large preda... Read More »

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Have U.S. oceans been over-fished?

At the beginning of the 1990s, catches of many important species were significantly down from their 1980s levels across the lower 48 states.

Hotels by Oceans of Fun?

At 60 acres, Oceans of Fun, situated in Kansas City, Missouri, is the largest tropical water park in the Midwest. The facility provides hours of fun with everything from water slides to wave pools.... Read More »

Why are shuttles launched over oceans?

So rockets can fall into the ocean and not hurt anyone

Landforms That Are Formed by Oceans?

There is only one global ocean on the Earth. The regions of that body of water have been named oceans, but the global ocean is not separated. That single body of water plays a role in every landfor... Read More »