What does Hansen mean?

Answer Hansen means “descendant of Hans” or “son of Hans.” Hansen is a Norwegian, Frisian, Danish and Dutch variation of Hanson, which originated in Germany and Scandinavia. Hans is a form of Joha... Read More »

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How to Get an Alexis Vogel Cat Eye Look?

Alexis Vogel is a famous makeup artist. She has worked with countless celebrities, including supermodel Linda Evangelista, singer Gwen Stefani and actress Pamela Anderson. In fact, Alexis is credit... Read More »

Who played alexis on two and a half men?

Does alexis drazen get killed?

Yes, Alexis Drazen was stabbed by his lover Elizabeth Nash who had discovered his true identity and intentions of using her to get access to David Palmer. He was give a 50/50 chance of survival but... Read More »

Who is Alexis Maria Gardiner?