Who is affected more by lung cancer: men or women?

Answer Men are more likely than women to be diagnosed with lung cancer. They are also more likely to die from the disease. However, the disparity between the genders is starting to shrink. It should also ... Read More »

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What organs are affected by lung cancer?

I think I know what you are asking here - where do most lung cancers tend to spread or "metastasize?"Both non-small cell and small cell cancer of the lung commonly spread to lymph nodes in the midd... Read More »

Is lung cancer more deadly in smokers than in nonsmokers?

Any lung cancer is serious. However, you mom is unlikely to have lung cancer if she never smoked. Sure, it happens, but it's rare. People who never smoke or even have exposure to second hand smoke ... Read More »

Lung cancer #2 killer of U.S. women Smoking rates very low-air fresheners, scented candles....?

thats a good question... my sister died of lung cancer last year and never smoked a day in her life. she was only 39 yrs old. i often wonder how she got lung cancer, but i dont think she used alot ... Read More »

Since Men statistically get cancer more often then women, why is all the importance put on breast cancer only?

well i get tired hearing about breast cancer..since its oct it makes since but all year long thr are doing awareness/ fundraising.i don't think its fair. you never hear about fundrasing for lung ca... Read More »