What did Lincoln have a patent on?

Answer President Abraham Lincoln obtained a patent for a device to be used to lift boats from sand bars. The device never went beyond the prototype to manufacture. It was worked on while Lincoln was an at... Read More »

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Why is Lincoln on the penny?

In 1909, President Abraham Lincoln became the first president, as well as the first actual person, to be featured on a U.S. coin. He has been featured on the front of the one cent piece--the penny-... Read More »

Are Lincoln headphones better?

sorry, but you cant that's only for the 2nd generation

Does anyone need childcare in Lincoln,ca?

check out your local way for providers to find children and parents as well...have fun!

What is the meaning of the name Lincoln?

The name Lincoln means "house by the pond" or "colony by the lake." The name comes from the Old English word "Lindo" and the Latin word "colonia," which means settlement. Lincoln was the name of a ... Read More »