Who is a cooler detective Sonny Crockett from the 1980's show Miami Vice or Horatio Caine from CSI Miami?

Answer Budget cuts.. But CBS' official version is "creative changes".

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When is horatio caine a suspect in csi Miami?

No, the tenth season priemered Spetember 25, 2011

Was horatio caine from csi Miami murdered?

No, Horatio faked his own murder in order to protect himself. In the season 6 season finale, he is lying on the airport asphalt making every viewer believe he died. However, in the season 7 season ... Read More »

Do you think that Horatio Caine from CSI Miami is attractive?

Answer Not even in the 11th dimension. Maybe in his own way to some people but never to me. i wouldn't go out with him if he was the only guy left in the world He is certainly not handsome, but at... Read More »

What happened to Horatio Caine's son on CSI Miami?

Enlisted in the army, I believe he is send to Afghanistan.