In what war did William McKinley serve?

Answer President William McKinley served in the Civil War as a soldier in the Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He remained with the military through the end of the war, ultimately attaining the rank of brevet maj... Read More »

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Who was the president after william mckinley?

Theodore Roosevelt became the president of the United States following the assassination of President William McKinley in 1901. At the age of 42, Roosevelt became the youngest U.S. president. Presi... Read More »

What was the foreign policy of William McKinley?

McKinley and Imperialism The McKinley administration was known for economic prosperity and the growth and influence of business in American politics. The McKinley era saw the rise of American Imper... Read More »

Was William McKinley 58 years old when he died?

This is almost impossible to answer due to the vagueness of the condition. Consult with your child's paediatrician. AST and ALT are enzymes that are contained within most cells, ALT being more spe... Read More »

Who is Frederick Mckinley Jones?

Frederick McKinley Jones lived from 1893 to 1961 and was one of America's most prolific black inventors of his time. During his life, Jones held 61 patents, including 40 for refrigeration equipment... Read More »