Are people who watched violent shows as children going to be violent when they become adults?

Answer On One Hand: TV Violence Desensitizes ChildrenAccording to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, children exposed to violent TV shows become desensitized to violence, accept viol... Read More »

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Do u think that THIS is violent?

yeah and ladybug lady bug fly away home, ur house is on fire and ur childeren r alone!!! ohh yeah and the old man bumped his head and never woke up!

Are all big brothers violent?

Well, no. Some big brothers are very caring for their younger siblings, it's just that only some are more violent and they bully their younger siblings. Thus, it doesn't mean that all big brothers ... Read More »

Characteristics of Violent Men?

Whether they are violent to girlfriends, wives, family members or their children, it is important to have a strong awareness of the common personal characteristics and traits that are often associa... Read More »

How to Leave a Violent Relationship?

All of us want to be in a loving, secure, and safe relationship. Unfortunately, people (for some reason or another) get suckered into a violent relationship. If you are one of these people, your li... Read More »