Who played Uncle Remus in"Song of the South"?

Answer James Baskett played Uncle Remus and provided the voice for the animated character Br'er Fox in the 1946 Disney film "Song of the South." Baskett was born Feb. 16, 1904 in Indianapolis, Indiana,and... Read More »

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How is Zach salvatore stephan and damons uncle was there a mention of an uncle or aunt when they were human?

No their wasn't any mention of a aunt whether they were human or not

What is the difference in a great uncle and a grand uncle?

There is no difference between "great uncle" and "grand uncle." Some people prefer to use one term and some the other. Both terms refer to a brother of one of your grandparents.

Who were Remus& Romulus?

Roman mythology records Remus and Romulus to be the twin sons of a priestess named Rhea Silvia and the Roman god Mars. They were raised by a common farmer. Their mythological life includes the foun... Read More »

Where were Romulus& Remus born?

The mythological characters Romulus and Remus were born in the city of Alba Longa. Their mother was the priestess Rhea Silva and their father was Mars, the god of war. In Roman mythology, Romulus a... Read More »