What does Hansen mean?

Answer Hansen means “descendant of Hans” or “son of Hans.” Hansen is a Norwegian, Frisian, Danish and Dutch variation of Hanson, which originated in Germany and Scandinavia. Hans is a form of Joha... Read More »

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Sally hansen best buys ?

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How to Do a Sally Hansen Pedicure?

Do you love Sally Hansen Products? Do you also love soft, beautiful feet? If you do, keep on reading!

How to clean helly hansen?

Apparently your jacket is machine-washable, since you've already washed it. So you can remove the marks with dish soap. Pencil lead is oily and dish soap removes oils. Any brand of dish soap is ... Read More »

Sally Hansen airbrush legsHELP?

I suppose if you want to buy this airbrush legs thing you can but most of these things are a waste of money and don't actually work. Your legs probably aren't as bad as you think. Put plasters on t... Read More »