How to Cosplay As Thor?

Answer Odin may have been supreme ruler of the Old Norse pantheon, but Thor, his son, may be the most fun of that pantheon to play!

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What is the meaning of the name Thor?

The masculine name "Thor" originates from Norse mythology and means "thunder." Thor, a Norse god, is also known for carrying his huge hammer, which was called a "mjollnir." The legend of Thor was a... Read More »

How to Make a Thor Costume?

Ever wanted to be Thor, the Norse God of thunder and war? Thor is the most physically powerful Norse God, so you'll need to show off your muscles, or add some! Here's a Halloween theme that will re... Read More »

Classroom Activities With Thor's Hammer?

Equipped with a hammer and magic belt and gloves, Thor is the Viking God of thunder. A small version of Thor's hammer was commonly attached to a silver chain and worn by the Norse as a symbol of Th... Read More »

How to Make a Modernized Thor in Sims 3?

Here is how to make a modernized version of Thor and his wife in Sims 3 - without a hammer!