Activities for "The Tempest," Act 2?

Answer William Shakespeare wrote "The Tempest" between 1610 and 1611, and it was one of his last plays. Perhaps this play was Shakespeare's professional leave-taking, and Prospero -- the mighty wizard in ... Read More »

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How to Chase the Tempest Druid?

"Hammerfall" is a role-playing game designed as an application for Myspace and Facebook. The game centers around completing quests and building up a powerful guild with your friends. You can find t... Read More »

How to Use Column Lightning in "Tempest"?

As one of 12 character classes in the video game, "Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures," the Tempest of Set offers feats which strengthen healing or damage. Players who wish to heal with their Tempes... Read More »

What was Name of fairie in shakespeares tempest?

Ariel was a male sprite whom Prospero released from captivity and whom Prospero then enslaved.

Topic Ideas for Papers on "The Tempest"?

"The Tempest," by William Shakespeare, tells the story of an aging wizard and ex-duke, named Prospero, and his daughter, Miranda. Prospero was exiled to an island where he and his daughter live wit... Read More »