How to Stare?

Answer If you are in a staring competition you must win, to do this you must have 100% focus.

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Omg the sun looks soo cool when I stare at it?

and they say there's not enough serious questions being asked on yahoo answers....

How to Inconspicuously Stare at Someone?

Have you ever been in one of those situations where your friend will go, "Look at him." Rather than obviously turning to gawk at the person, a subtle approach is much smoother. Here's how to pull i... Read More »

How to Stare at a Wall?

Some people would describe staring at a wall to be a very difficult task, despite its reputation for being easy. This is for those people who have always wanted to know how to stare at a wall succe... Read More »

Why do babies like to stare at your eyes?

Because babies haven't seen the world at all..especially 9-12 months as her/his vision has improved. A baby will be fascinated by anything such as other people's eyes, nose, hair, hand, things and ... Read More »