How old was David Hasselhoff when he played Micheal Knight in the original Knight Rider series?

Answer 30-33

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Who is Robert Shug Barber?

Robert "Shug" Barber was a standout basketball player in the mid-1980s for Francis Marion College in South Carolina. He was named to the NAIA District Six All-Freshman team in 1986. Barber prepped ... Read More »

Who is Robert"Shug"Barber?

In 1986 Robert "Shug" Barber was a District All-star champion from Francis Marion College, in South Carolina. He was nominated to the National Association Of Intercollegiate Athletics after startin... Read More »

Who is Robert'Shug'Barber?

In 1986, when he played as a point guard for Marion College in South Carolina, Robert "Shug" Barber earned the right to be a part of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Di... Read More »

How to Become a Knight?

In medieval times, a knight was a nobleman who pledged to defend his king, queen or lord in military service for a certain period. We don't have much call for knights these days, and unless a monar... Read More »