When did Shania Twain become a singer?

Answer Shania Twain, born Eileen Edwards in 1965, began singing in 1973 at the age of 8, according to the Country Music Television website. She debuted her self-titled album in 1993, which marked the begi... Read More »

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What's a twain?

It's the standard developed to allow communication between printers and scanners and imaging software. I'm assuming you're getting something along the lines of the twain driver. Best bet is to fi... Read More »

What is Twain,?

it stands for technology without an interesting's usually to do with scanner software.

What did mark twain do?

he wrote books He didn't just write books, he got his fake name from a riverboat on the Mississippi. his real name is Samuel Clemens. His Father's name is John Marshell Clemens, His mother's name ... Read More »

What is the TWAIN driver?

A TWAIN driver is a piece of software that allows a graphics program to communicate with a scanner. Major scanner manufacturers have all agreed to use the TWAIN standard to ensure compatibility.Bac... Read More »