Who is Sara Elizabeth Clark?

Answer Sara-Elizabeth Clark was born February 1, 1995. At 16 months old Sara-Elizabeth was diagnosed with Idiopathic Benign Childhood Epilepsy. She is currently seizure free and has used her experiences w... Read More »

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When does Lois Lane find out that Clark Kent is Superman in the TV show Lois and Clark?

She originally finds out Clark Kent and Superman are one in the same in the first episode with H.G. Wells after Tempus- the evil man from the future- tells her by putting on a pair of glasses sayin... Read More »

When Lois find out that clark is Superman in Lois and clark?

last episode of season 2... but you do not know that she knows intill season 3's frist episode.

Who is Clark Hollywood What is Clark Hollywood famous/known for?

He's actually a screenwriter, ghost writer, and a book author. He uses different pseudonyms and obscure photos because he doesn't want people to know who he is.A small group of people figured out w... Read More »

Sara-Dalton is 2 why did you block me?

Sara Dalton is 2 is the 12 year old girl who pretended to be a mom until some other users on facebook called her out for being a troll. Its no big loss that she blocked you, she's a fake for sure.... Read More »