Who is Sailor Eldrich?

Answer Sailor Eldrich is a character in the video game Pokemon Platinum, which is designed for the Nintendo DS hand-held gaming system. The game has a side plot, or optional adventure, involving Sailor El... Read More »

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How to Draw Sailor Chibimoon from Sailor Moon?

Sailor Chibimoon is one of the main characters in the manga and anime series Sailor Moon. She is the youngest of the Sailor Senshi. This tutorial will show you how to draw cute little Sailor Chibim... Read More »

Is there a Sailor Venus in the series Sailor Moon?

Yes, her name is Mina in the English version and Minako in Japanese. She used to be Sailor V (from Serena/Usagi's comic books) and somehow became Sailor Venus. She wears an orange and white sailor ... Read More »

How to Sew a Sailor Hat?

A sailor’s hat is a cute addition to a sailor costume or a quirky accessory for a fun outfit. If you want create this style hat, you can easily make one to coordinate with whatever clothing you w... Read More »

How to Become a Sailor?

A sailorA sailor is a person who navigates water-borne vessels or assists in their operation, maintenance, or service. The term can apply to professional mariners, military personnel, and recreatio... Read More »