How to Fix a Rusty Oil Pan?

Answer The cause of most oil pan leakage is rust from minor damage to the metal and subsequent oxidation. Although the ideal solution is replacement of the pan, this is not always necessary. If the damage... Read More »

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What happens if you get cut by something rusty?

You would start bleeding. You should try to clean out the wound because an infection has a high chance of starting. You should also go to the hospital.

Why is rusty so awesome?

There are many reasons why rusty is awesome. The Biggest and most important reason is because he is in fact a unicorn. Not only is his voice like a combination of fergie and jesus but he also rides... Read More »

My son cut his leg on rusty metal what should i do?

Go to the hospital and get a technie shot as soon as possible.

How to tell if my razor is rusty?

I used to be a cutter many years ago..dont ever use the same blade twice. It doesn't have to be rusty for you to get really hurt from it. If you haven't done it in awhile just stop. I'm sure you kn... Read More »