How to Fix a Rusty Oil Pan?

Answer The cause of most oil pan leakage is rust from minor damage to the metal and subsequent oxidation. Although the ideal solution is replacement of the pan, this is not always necessary. If the damage... Read More »

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How to Get Out Rusty U-Joints?

Automotive U-joints are normally located on either end of the drive shaft between the transmission and rear axle on rear-wheel-drive vehicles, or between the transaxle and wheels in front-wheel-dri... Read More »

Why Do Car Brakes Get Rusty?

Rust accumulates on car brakes due to moisture, but brake rust should not alarm you. This is a regular occurrence and continued brake use will quickly eliminate the rust layer.

How to Fix a Rusty Gas Tank?

Oxidation is a process that occurs when water and metal react to cause rust. Allowing your metal gas tank to get low on fuel and parking it for long periods of time may cause rust since the water s... Read More »

How to Fix a Rusty Car Door?

You might notice patches of rust on your car door after removing it from long-term storage, while detailing it at home or when performing a cosmetic inspection. Rust forms when oxygen and moisture ... Read More »