Is it true that mr rodgers from mr rodgers' neighborhood was a sniper in one of the wars?

Answer Ron Leibman

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What does the surname Rodgers mean?

Surnames were often bestowed on a person depending on what his occupation was or who his father was. A hunter became John Hunter, and the son of David became William Davidson. The surname "Rodgers"... Read More »

How to Make a Roy Rodgers?

This mocktail is named after western film star Roy Rodgers. This is a delicious cherry drink similar to a Shirley Temple.

Was Mr Rodgers a Army Ranger?

He may have been in the Service, but not necessarily as you state a Ranger which is a hazardous duty commando-type role. There were rumors he served in Vietnam which are not substantiated as his TV... Read More »

Was Fred Rodgers a sniper?