Which is the Best Robert Downey Jr. Biography?

Answer Robert Downey Jr.: The Fall and Rise of the Comeback Kid is the best.

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Will The Avengers 2 be the final film that Robert Downey Jr. will play Iron Man?

that's the current thinking. RDJ signed a 5-move contract, and Avengers 2 will be the 5th move.but i doubt Tony Stark would be re-cast. see, Joss Whedon *LOVES* killing off major characters, and ... Read More »

Is it true that Robert Downey Jr doesn't want to play Iron Man anymore?

He more then likely is tired of it AT TIMES, not as a total. I mean when you do that many movies as one character you will get tired of it at times.

Does susan downey have siblings?

Where is there a good pet shelter in Downey ca? one is much nicer than the Downey county shelter