I am Worried About Surgery, Has Anyone Had An Impinged, Torn Tendon With A Torn Rotator Cuff?

Answer see what happens when your tossing Obama supporters under the bus, Some of them can be pretty big and hard to lift. Next time get some help and try not to take on anyone over 250. ( it's hard on th... Read More »

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How is a muscle torn?

Muscle strains also called muscle tears are categorized into Grade I, II and III, according to the severity of the injury. At the worst stage, Grade III, there is intense pain, apparent damage, swe... Read More »

Is it a torn ab Or a hernia?

I think you have worked out a bit too energetically..."After an abdominal muscle strain, a patient will likely notice significant swelling in the abdominal area. This occurs because an abdominal in... Read More »

How do I fix a torn butthole?

Cauterise it to stop infection,( with a red hot poker )

Have my torn my muscle?

Yea, you either tore or strained it. I would put ice right away and go to a doctor as soon as possible. Just rest it and don't play any more sports until your doctor tells you that it's ok.