Does Miller&Miller Funeral Home in Valliant, Oklahoma have monuments?

Answer Miller and Miller Funeral Home in Valliant, Oklahoma does not offer monuments or headstones. They do, however, offer a host of different caskets on site as well as other funeral planning preparatio... Read More »

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Guys Of R&P...Would You "Go Gay" For Riki?

sorry, I already went gay for eddie vedder. seriously though, I'm bisexual.although any man with a love of good music is ok in my bookBQ:maybe chris cornell, but he still doesn't compare to mr. ved... Read More »

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Who is Richard E. Miller?

A professor of English at Rutgers State University of New Jersey in New Brunswick, Richard E. Miller wrote the books "As If Learning Mattered: Reforming Higher Education" and "Writing at the End of... Read More »

RHH: Mac miller recommendations?

He has a lot of good songs listen to his album Blue Slide Park, or his mixtape Macadelic. He also came out with a song like last week called S.D.S (Somebody Do Something)