On the tonight show jay leno followed johnny Carson whom did Carson follow?

Answer Jack Paar

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What was johnny Carson mystic caracture played by johnny Carson who would answer questions that came in a seal envelope?

Perhaps you are confusing things with the Oscars and the sealed envelope bit. Johnny Carson had nothing to do with the Oscars. On the other hand the Amazing Kreskin, an Esp practitioner- and market... Read More »

Is Dr Spencer Reid gay?

I don't think it has ever come up in the show. I seem to recall he has had some dates or love interests at different times.

How do you get a job like Dr Spencer Reid?

Recognizing that free advice is worth what you pay for it, the following is provided free of charge. It is based on my experience and therefore is somewhat limited and even if it were more expansiv... Read More »

How to Pass the Reid Test?

The Reid Report is an assessment tool used by employers to identify individuals who have high moral standards and impeccable work ethics. Employers might give this test to potential employees to de... Read More »