Who kissed Rachel's mom so she and Rachel's father wouldn't see each other?

Answer Joey!

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Is there anyone else out there that doesn't like Rachel Ray?

I can't stand her! I can't stand the way she piles so many things into her arms and she has such a small studio. I can't stand the way she just rinses her hands after she's handled raw meat. And wh... Read More »

How to Look Like Rachel Bilson?

Have you always wanted to be like that cool, confident, Southern Cali chick who plays Summer on the O.C.? Well being and looking like Rachel Bilson is not hard! Just read on and you will soon be on... Read More »

Is rachel weird?

YES. i promise you. she really is.

Does anyone like Rachel Hylton?

Yes. She's a very talented lady and deserves so much success in music. She is returning with her debut single and album in Summer 2011. Follow her on twitter at for ... Read More »