Differences between the play Romeo and Juliet and the movie Romeo and Juliet?

Answer that depends on which movie you are refering to. in the old movie the differences are: Romeo never meets Paris in her tomb, he uses a rock to break down the door, Lady Montague never dies. In the r... Read More »

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Are there any photographs of Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo and Juliet were characters in a Shakespearean play. There have been several stage and film adaptations. There are photos available from the various versions.

What does Tybalt in 'Romeo and Juliet' fear?

Possibly Tybalt reveals his fear when he says "Peace? I hate the word." Tybalt is an inveterate quarreler and a person who specializes in swordfighting ("the very butcher of a silk button"). Like R... Read More »

Why is romeo and Juliet considered a classic?

It's touched the hearts of so many people through the ages. Its status as a classic is really just its popularity has endured. Why? It's probably to do with a combination of factors, but elements o... Read More »

Which movie do u luv more TITANIC or ROMEO AND JULIET?

Titanic .. obvious choice!it was much more than just a love story.. and how could u forget the 11 oscars!