Who makes Paul Frank watches?

Answer Paul Frank Industries licenses its designs to different companies, therefore different manufacturers make Paul Frank watches. The company, known for its cartoon characters, began in 1995 and grew q... Read More »

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Are the paul frank Julius headphones for ipods?

Yes, I am pretty sure they do. If it's because you don't want you or another guy to look weird with them, don't worry. You could start a new trend!! =) (if it isn't one already)

How do you wash the Paul Frank Julius Headphone Hoody with Functional Earbuds without ruining it?

What does paul sr and paul jr get paid per episode of American chopper?

Alot like 55k Per. Episode even moré if he blows the producer like 20k for everything nutWell that sounds like information that came from someone in the know. Probably early 20's and burned out fr... Read More »

Did Rick Petko leave OCC to join Paul Jr at his Paul Jr Designs?