How to Defend Noah's Ark?

Answer Have you ever encountered a situation where someone has told you that the Noah's Ark story is simply too fantastic to believe? Do you believe it happened but can't explain why? Here are the steps y... Read More »

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How to Draw Noah's Arc?

This article will teach you to draw Noah's Arc.

Who is that girl with Noah...Y&R?

Donna, she tried out to be a model at Jabot. She shot Noah down though.

Y&R-What do you think Noah gonna do or say now to his MOM?

I think that he will tell her off but good. I do love what Nick said " you are doing this for yourself" did you see the look on Sharon's face!! ??

What is the origin of the name Noah?

The name Noah is usually a boy's name but is occasionally given as a girl's name. Its derivation is the Hebrew "Noach," which means "peaceful, long-lived." It is well-known as a Biblical name, but ... Read More »