Mindless Behaviior or 1 Directiion?

Answer Mindless Behavior

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What is Mindless Behavior real names?

*Princeton is Jacob (Jacob Perez) *Prodigy is Craig (Craig Crippen Jr. - some list as Craig Johnson) *Ray Ray is Randy (Raquan Jones - some list as Randy Woodland/Randy Rayson) *Roc Royal is Trey (... Read More »

Does R&P Just Want Dumb Mindless And Easy Questions?

dude... what was the first hint?Lol. Well, i ain't gonna go on a tirade, but one of the reasons I left a year ago, was quite simply, the relative level of suckage in questions and answers. How ma... Read More »

How many siblings does prodigy have from mindless behavior?

What is the minimum hospitalisation time in cases of severe self inflicted injuries by self cutting?

Try this number:1-800-DONTCUT Help for "cutters"