Differences between the play Romeo and Juliet and the movie Romeo and Juliet?

Answer that depends on which movie you are refering to. in the old movie the differences are: Romeo never meets Paris in her tomb, he uses a rock to break down the door, Lady Montague never dies. In the r... Read More »

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Michael Jackson Fans: Does anyone know how much Michael weighed when he wore the gold pants?

lol i dont know, i have to know thoubq:…i like this one too:…or:…omg... Read More »

What does romeo do before killing himself?

He has a big, long, whiny monologue and kisses Juliet. Various times.

Where does the surname Romeo come from?

Romeo is an ancient Italian name that has various spellings, including Romero, Romerio, Romieri and Romei.IdentificationWhen the name ends in "i," that means the individual is from northern Italy. ... Read More »

What is an Alfa Romeo?

The Alfa Romeo is a legendary Italian car manufacturer owned by FIAT with General Motors having a twenty percent investment. Over the years, Alfa Romeo has made models that inspire deep loyalty to ... Read More »